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My notebook: HP Notebook 15-ac018np

I can't install win10 on my SSD drive. I have made some tests to this SSD by putting it on another notebook and it works fine, I could install win10 with the same installation USB pen drive without a problem!

On the current PC, it gives me the error on step "Copying windows files".

I tried booting from my

1 . Windows 10 Instalation USB in BIOS mode,

2. Windows 10 Instalation USB in UEFI mode.

When on BIOS mode,

I select the ssd unit with a single partition and I get the error: "Windows could not format partition on disk 1. 0x80070057"
If I eliminate the partition, and try again the install, it gives me the same error
When on UEFI mode, it tells me I can't install on that partition due to MBR existence. If I try to format the partition, it says it cant format. If I eliminate the partition and try to install, it shows me the error 0x80070057 and tells me that it cant install Windows on that location...

I tried both bios modes with gpt and mbr... The SSD is fine as I tried to install windows 10 on it in another notebook successfully...

Can anyone help me with this?

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    Hey there, TiagoTLD.

    Try resetting your BIOS/UEFI or updating it if there are available updates, to see if that fixes things up. Since the drive is OK as you've mentioned there might be some sort of incompatibility issues which might be solved by an SSD firmware update as well. So check out those options and if none of them has any positive results, perhaps you should get in touch with the motherboard manufacturer's customer support to ask for further assistance, or Microsoft's CM, the guys there might have a solution for this issue as well.

    Hope that helps. Please let me know how it goes.
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