can i run 1600mhz ram on 1333mhz motherboard

my pc specs are ;
Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5700 @ 3.00GHz

asus P5G41T-M LX3 (0x000002F6 - 0xF68A7660)

my ram is 2 gb

i want 8 gb ram

suggest me plz
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    It should be possible, but due to your motherboard's limitations it will clock it back to 1333 mhz. Also you need to have 64 bit OS installed to use more than 4gb of ram. For compatibility reasons, I would get rid of the 2gb ram you have now and just buy new ram. Mixing different types of ram sometimes can cause trouble.
  2. I agree with bootcher. Any DDR3 RAM at any speed but due to your motherboard's limitation it will always go back to 1333Mhz. Buy a 8G 1333Mhz RAM and it should work in your mobo.
  3. Yes, you can. But I wouldn't recommend it, because since your MoBo only allows a max speed through a DIMM lane of 1,330 MHz (1.330 GHz).

    Like the guy above said, it is your best bet to remove the 2 GB stick/module you have now and get a 4 to 8 GB module. If you want to keep your motherboard, just save a bit and buy a regular 1330 MHz stick or two instead of a 1600 MHz module. I would recommend going 2x4GB for 8 GB total, or 2x2GB if you are going to 4 GB. If you have a 32-bit OS, you can only use 4 GB of it. Think of it like this:

    32-bit OS = Able to use 4 GB or under of available RAM (Random Access Memory).
    64-bit OS = Able to use up to 80 BILLION GB RAM, if that were even possible.
    2x4GB (dual channel, total of 8 GB) > 1x8GB (single channel, total of 8 GB)
    2x2GB (dual channel, total of 4 GB) > 1x4GB (single channel, total of 4 GB)
  4. Yes, to clarify, your best bet is to buy 2 sticks of identical ram. Any DDR3 ram can be used but will only run at 1333 mhz. 2 sticks of identical ram is better than 1 because of dual channel memory, which your motherboard supports. It can make a few percent difference in performance and usually 2 sticks are the same price as one.

    Also buy your ram in a local store, where you can take it back. Sometimes new ram just will not work in old motherboards, no matter what you try.
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