Desperate to throw computer out window

My cpu task manager says its at 100% with nothing running. Won't open anything. I am running Windows 7. Not a brainiac here but do understand somethings. Tower is running and running nonstop
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  1. post full system specs
  2. I always wanted to run one over with a steamroller, but that's my method.
    Now, to fix it. Defrag harddrives, clean registry, and run a thorough virus scan. Re-boot after doing each one. And make sure the anti-virus is updated. Simple stuff, I know, but it's a good place to start.
    Next question, how much ram do you have, and what cpu are you running?
  3. Could just do a full reinstall of your OS
  4. What does it say is using the CPU?
  5. probobly have tons of spyware malware and viruses. do a virus scan and grab a free copy of malwarebytes for a spyware scan
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