does a pc crash during gpu stress test mean it's defective?

My pc is crashing within the first 10 minutes of playing games (red screen of death), so I decided to install and run unigine heaven benchmark to test the gpu. About 15 minutes of running the software and right before the benchmarking completes I get a red screen of death. Does this clearly mean that either my gpu or psu is defective? When my pc gets the red screen crash, all of my components and fans are still running just like before the crash, so does that lead me to believe that the gpu is defective and not the psu?
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  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    intel i5-6500
    asrock z170 pro4s
    2x4gb ram ddr4
    xfx r9 280x 3gb
    seasonic 650w

    please refer to this post where I explain most of the things that I have tested to lead me to believe that either the gpu, psu or motherboard bios is at fault
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