Computer very slow after fresh install of Win 7

Hi, I just did a upgrade to my Pc. I thought there was a virus on my Wd 1TB black so I decided that this was the perfect time to upgrade to SSD. So I bought a Samsung 850 Pro 256gb and installed Windows 7 on it.

Upon boot up I installed my motherboards drivers and then hopped online and installed my video cards drivers. I then did windows updates. It literally took approximately 5 hours for it to search for updates. The computer is running everything SOOO extremely slow. I do not have a clue why. My ssd is in data port 0 and is primary on boot. I have ran a memory test and came back with no issues. It is a fresh install so I know there is no viruses or malware. I have a 7.8 Windows rating...idk why I would be having problems with a slow computer.

ANY thoughts would be appreciated.

Motherboard - Gigabyte 990FX
CPU - Amd FX9370 4.4ghz 8core
GPU - Sapphire Radeon R9 Fury
RAM - 32gb 1866 DDR3 corsair vengeance
PSU - Thermaltake 850w
Storage - Samsung 850 Pro 256gb
western Digital Black 1 TB
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  1. WHere'd you buy Windows? What does task manager show for usage % of hardware?
  2. I bought my copy of Windows 7 about 2 years from newegg. Disc doesn't have a scratch on it. Haha it says 0% cpu usage under performance in the task manager.
  3. Hi there JohnC87,

    You can take out your HDD out and boot your system with only the SSD attached. Also, you can boot into safe mode. That way you will be sure if all of this more likely related to hardware issues or software ones.
    Another thing you can try is to attach the SSD with different cables(both SATA and power ones) to a different port. Make sure it is properly connected.

    I believe there should be some brand specific SSD testing tool as well. You can check that out.

    Let us know how this goes,
  4. Have you checked your bios settings are correct? e.g. made sure SATA/AHCI is selected?
  5. I made sure it is infact set up as ahci. Which it is. The ssd is in sata port 0, my optical drive is in port 1 and my Wd was in port 2 when I installed Windows. I just unplugged my Wd and its just my ssd right now. The ssd is loading Windows so fast. I don't think it's the ssd. It may be idk.

    Well it seems to be working fine now but I'm trying to install Windows 10 and I launch the upgrader and it doesn't do anything. It just isn't acting right. I'm getting a little nervous. I've dropped over 2k on this machine
  6. I took out the the two newest sticks of ram since win 7 can only identify 16 anyways. I'm updating to win 7 now. It appears to be running fine. Idk if it was the ram and/or the hard drive. What measures can and should I take to make sure my computer hardware is fine other than a memory test or disc check? Should I try hooking my hdd and ram back up after win 10 installs?
  7. Well, unfortunately there could be something wrong with your WD Black or with the connection, which makes your system slow. This is why, I suggested to take it out.
    You can plug it back in.(it would be nice if you attach it to a different port with different cables) In case the issue persists, just test it with WD's Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool(both short and extended tests).
    If there is something wrong with the drive, you will need to back up the data stored on it. If this is a new drive, you can just contact the place you got it from or WD's Support and RMA the drive.

    Apart from all this, I'm not really sure why you can't upgrade to Win 10. Keep in mind that it is always a good idea to perform clean OS install without any other drives attached. This means that you need to leave only your SSD.

    WD's DLG tool:
    WD's Support:

  8. Ah ok, I called and I'm shipping the Wd off for replacement. I put the other 16 gbs of ram back in. I got win 10 installed now I'm having problems with it....says I can't connect to the Internet because I'm missing network protocols?
  9. I don't understand why I'm having so many issues with this. I tried booting in safe mode with networking and it's saying "get started can't be opened using the built in administrator account. Sign in with a different account and try again" why would I not be able to access every single thing on this computer with the main account used to start the Windows... So lost
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