Can I run Zotac gtx 750ti with 6year old 450w local PSU (20A on +12V rail)

I'm planning to buy gtx 750ti. I have a local psu of 450W (rail of +12V is 20A). So my question is it safe to run zotac gtx 750ti with this psu??

PC spec:
Intal core i3 4130@3.4ghz
2×8GB corsair vengeance RAM,
250GB HDD,
DVD drive

Reply asap!
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    What is the PSU model? What is the exact model of the 750 TI you are looking at?
  2. here is the picture of my psu...

    zotac gtx750ti single fan
  3. I would not run any discreet gaming card on that Adcom power supply. In fact, I wouldn't recommend using that unit at all, for any system.
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