y 1TB WD hard drive shows only 487 GB

My 1TB WD hard drive shows only 487 GB any solution?it's a caviar blue version here is a screenshot:
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    It looks like the drive is partitioned. Go into Disk Management and you should see either 500GB of unallocated space or a partition you don't recognize. Although assuming this drive has your OS on it you can't fix this without reinstalling the OS, you could only keep the rest of the drive as a second partition.
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    I'd second what @Mr Kagouris suggested and check how the HDD appears in Disk management. Is this your primary booting HDD or is it a secondary drive in your system? Make sure you backup any data that you might have on it somewhere else. Afterwards, try partitioning & formatting it through Disk Management. Keep in mind that this procedure will erase everything on the HDD.

    Give it a try and let us know how it goes!
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