Random BSOD while gaming.


i built this pc in order to play games, bought everything back when Witcher 3 was released and started playing. Since then i've been having some random bsods, some days i have them some days i don't.

I got these bsods with the following games:

Witcher 3 ( Multiple times )

Fallout 4 ( Over 35 hours played without BSODS then suddenly lots of BSODS )

Blade and Soul ( Over 1 month played without BSODS, lately i've been gettin one every 2 days or so )

World of Warcraft ( Only happened 2 times. )

No BSODS when watching movies or browsing the internet.

My system is as follows:

MOBO: Gigayte Z97M-DH3

CPU: Intel i7 4790

GPU: nVidia GTX 960 ( EVGA )

PSU: Corsair TX 650

HDD ( 2x Seagate 2TB )

RAM: 16GB ( Don't remember the maker, but i always buy the good stuff )

I did memcheck, no problems, ran prime95 and not a peep. Intel burner test and other stuff, you name it a tried it. Haven't been able to pinpoint the cause as of yet.

The bsods usually appoint to: Dxgmms1.sys, ntsokrnl.exe and nvlddmkm.sys

I decided to come here looking for help because i tried everything i could and now i am desperate trying to get rid of that bloody bsod.

I just upload 2 recent dumps to google drive, hope someone can help me...

1 -

2 -

I can't for the life of me tell what is causing these crashes because even when playing the same games some times i have'em some times i don't. It's ridiculous even, i can go as far as 2 days without a single bsod and then BANG more than 2 bsods the same day... Help me, please!
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  1. sounds like a issue with your graphics driver and 3d api. I would recommend uninstalling all your video drivers and direct x, then after completely rebooting with no video drivers or anything, install them, then attempt your games.

    If you can wait till I get home I can analyze and diagnose your BSOD crash files and find the exact issue.

    as of the information you have given me its pointing to an error with the directx and NVidia drivers.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to help me! I have unistalled the nvidia drivers and tried many different versions, i usually use DDU to uninstall'em in safe mode, then i boot up, install and reboot. Never tried uninstalling directx, i actually don't think i know how to do so...
  3. I will look more into the crash dump once on my personal computer. but yes its a directx and video driver issue. you should reinstall all of them using the latest drivers, not windows update. these can be found by going to the manufacture site. Then look up the latest directx and install it. Right now your computer is having conflicts with dx and the drivers.
  4. Currently running nvidia 361.91 driver, it's the most recent one. Should i completely uninstall the directx before reinstalling? If yes, how can i uninstall directx?
  5. (Update) Just reinstalled some directx libraries for directx 11 and also reinstalled every single MC redist.
  6. I just got access to your crash duml, I'll look into when on personal computer
  7. Any news?
  8. Still waiting for an answer...
  9. Sorry, was out of town for a while, I attempted to look at your crash dumps, but i need to be given permission.
  10. Okay, So I only had access to one of the crash dumps, it was difficult searching through but I think I may have found your issue.

    Turn off your internet

    First you should uninstall HWinFO64.exe, Uninstall Core Temp, Uninstall MSI Afterburner, uninstall malwarebytes and uninstall your current video drivers for your GPU.

    after all have been uninstall please open Command prompt as Admin, type "SFC /scannow", let this scan run, it will check your computer for corrupted or missing system files and replace/fix any that have issues.

    Now, reinstall malwarebytes and run a who system scan just to ensure that you do not have any hidden rootkits or malware(Ensures a driver conflict if none is found.)

    Now, go to the graphic card manufacturers site, and download the latest drivers directly from them, do not use Windows Updates for these.

    Go ahead and try playing some games and monitoring for issues. If you still blue screen please post the new dump files. You should not have an issue any longer after this has been taken care of.

    make sure you always get x64 versions of software to use. You can re download your original programs but I would recommend using programs only downloaded directly from the site and have good ratings.

    DO NOT use a driver finder tool like HW, You should ALWAYS go to the manufacturers site and look for the latest drivers, this will make sure everything runs smoothly.

    Last but not least, I may suggest using DriverDoc it is a Microsoft partnered program with good ratings. DriverDoc's database of 16 million drivers ensures your devices are accurately matched with the latest drivers, completing fixing Windows driver-related problems.
  11. I've been busy with work lately but i had 2 more bsods with the same game. Just uploaded'em to google drive... Any help is apreciated.
  12. Here are the links for some dumps ( 4 of'em ) and again, don't know what's going on... left my pc on with a game running. got a bsod on day 5 of this month and then another one only day 14... That with the game running 24/7.
    Also, i'm running with latest graphics driver and i only use HWinfo and Msi afterburner for temperature OSD when gaming. And coretemp for overheat shutdown tool ( never happened. )

  13. Best answer
    OK here is a reference to why I am saying do the following fix, as i stated a while ago I believed it had to do with your Directx drivers.

    This is from the TOS Website (TOS as in Client_TOS.exe)

    Q. I get a message saying "Application error (0x000007b)"
    A: When you run the game, the "Application error" message may appear
    due to a Visual C++ and DirectX installation error.

    Please try the following steps in order.
    Install Visual C++ (first, check what version of Windows your PC is running)
    1) Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable (x86) / 32-bit
    2) Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable (x64) / 64-bit
    3) Visual C++ for Visual Studio 2013 Redistributable
    Install DirectX according to your version of Windows (32bit/64bit)

    This was my old Fix before I saw the above on the TOS Website, but this still may help a few people

    FIX: Download D3DX9_43.dll for 32bit windows from the internet or make a copy of it from your Windows/System32 folder and paste a copied version into the Steam>SteamApps>Common>TreeOfSavior>Release Folder.
    Even if your running a 64 bit OS you still need to use the 32bit dll from the System32 folder and not the SysWOW64 folder.
    (Make sure you RIGHT CLICK and COPY the file, and PASTE it over the old one, this will require Admin access on your PC)

    You could be missing the entire DirectX package, or Visual C++ Packages.

    First thing id do is
    1. Uninstall the game
    2. Uninstall your DirectX 9 packges and 2010/2013 Visual C++, Then restart the PC
    3. Then go get the most recent 32 or 64 bit (Whichever your PC needs) DirectX 9 Updates and the Visual C++ 2010 and 2013, then restart PC again
    4. Reinstall the game.

    Can we get a mod to sticky this as a 0xc000007b error fix?

    Also this fix works with most every other Direct X .dll that gives you error's, so this could be more than a fix for just 0xc000007b

    Here is the Link to the TOS Website FAQ's
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