Xeon E3-1246V3 Mini-ITX Build Final Draft ($800 budget, 1080p Normal Gaming, Handbrake)

I've bought majority of the parts. The last pieces are set to be bought. This is happening.

1- With the Xeon+Asus mobo+16GB DDR3 RAM, how fast will Handbrake be when it encodes 720p matroska-type videos into 720p mp4 videos? I found NOTHING about the E3-1246's stats when using said app. I'm fine with the video conversion rate of 150fps at 3 minutes each video (based on the I5-4590S on an AIO), but ideally, I'd love 200-250fps at 2 and a half minutes (I7-6700, also on an AIO).

2- Just saw Killer Instinct 2013's official PC specs today. Which GTX video card should I go for if I want to emulate the game's graphics and fps similar to the Xbox One's iteration of the game? (Sorry for any PCMasterRace vibes in this question, just prepping for DOOM)

3- With the case fans listed, how can I achieve 'positive' airflow?

Well, this should be it. Please help out, thank you very much.
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    Everything looks good. The 1246v3 will perform just like an i7 4790 would.
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