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Corsair liquid cooling .Hydro H105 AMD & Intel

I wanted to get this one. but the fans looks awefull and i want to change it with my 120mm Corsair Casefan SP120 (purple)

Is it possible? anyone know iff i will have problems or things i might over see?(bolts wont fit or the fan blades are not designed for a radiator ETC) I didn't got it yet, so iff i could experience problems with it can someone suggest a other liquid cooling for my CPU?
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    No, it doesn't matter if you use AF or SP, get whichever is cheapest. The fins aren't dense enough to make any bigger difference than a degree or two. Corsair introduced this crap, it's just marketing bs, that unfortunately people really take seriously. All fans aimed at the consumer PC building 'community' work universally, same screws, etc.

    We can't suggest a different cooler, because you haven't told us what CPU you're using, case, or ambient temperature. Chances are, an air cooler is going to be cheaper, lower temperatures, and quieter.

    All the best!
  2. this is my first time trying liquid cooling. But hearing from alot of people its a waste of money ill just stick with my air cooling, haha thanks anyways
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