steam game on my laptop w/o activating steam


iam a pc gamer all the way but i also have a small laptop to carry around, its not the most powerful laptop but i can run some games.
now i was wondering if i can play for example 'Stardew Valley' (a steam game) on my laptop whit out running steam evry time i start the game ?
Anny suggestions ?

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  1. No you can't. Only way is to pirate it from a torrent site. If it is a steam game then you will need to have steam running, which is unfortunate since it draws too much ram but...
  2. Yeah, you just need to login as an offline user to steam. Than you can play your games without internet connection.
  3. yes thanks for you're reply but i would like to play a game whit out having steam running or even on my laptop
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    You can't. Unless you have the installation CD for the game and the game can run without steam, there is no way.
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