GTX 970 Dual Monitor Setup Stopped Working

Hello. When i first bought my Gigabyte GTX970 Gaming G1, i remember that i had issues with my DVI-D port not working. I think i flashed my VBIOS back then and i was using my 2 monitors for over a year without problems. Then i took a week off my computer (disconnected power cable) and now when i come back my DVI-D is not working again. Any thoughts? shall i buy some adapter and try to connect my 2nd monitor to the HDMI 2.0 port? Im using a BENQ XL2430T + Dell U2714. Thanks in advance.
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  1. If you have done a driver update recently on nvidia card, there is a knows bug that somethimes 2 Monitor setup would not work. I would suggest you to use DDU :

    Follow the staps program give to you, and after it reinstall the drivers again.
  2. Hey. Thanks for your answer. I didnt do any update. I tried that program thought, unfortunately without any success.. DVI-D still not working. I just cant get it. How did it stop working out of a sudden without doing anything?
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    Well there is 4 possible problems, DVI-D is dead, driver problem, card bios problem, motherboard bios settings. I would try clearing CMOS on your motherboard, if that doesnt fix it update the thread.
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