How to make a folder option 'stick'

All of a sudden (maybe after I ran Ashampoo Winoptimiser) every time I open any folder it displays the contents as 'details' when it used to display the contents as 'large icons'.
If I change the view (right click in window and select view>large icons) it displays large icons but the next time I open the folder it displays the contents as 'details' instead of 'sticking' to 'large icons' what I set earlier.
How do I make my requirements/settings 'stick'?
What could have caused this?
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  1. I know exactly what you're talking about.. There is a trick I use to keep my preference in memory. If you change the layout then open up a sub-folder... your pref. is NOT saved. What you have to do is make the changes to the layout.... then EXIT the Window... Once you do that... it's saved... then the next time you open the folder those changes will still be intact.
  2. Thanks for your reply and suggestion.

    I tried what you suggested but it made no difference.
    In desperation (as I also had a problem with not being able to make Mozilla Firefox my default browser (clicking on "firefox is not you default browser do you want to make it your default browser" made no difference) I did a system restore ot a pount about 5 days ago.
    Everything now seems to be working.
    I recently ran a full scan for malware which found nothing.
    There have been 2 'critical' windows updates since the restore point I used. Hopefully one of those has not stuffed up my system.
  3. if it comes back try and create a new user account and see if the problem is still there sounds like an access rights problem to me
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    Why not go to Folder Options and select option to RESET all Folders?
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