Solving a hard freeze issue: programs to help diagnose?

I have a computer that hard freezes requiring me to hold the power button down to reboot the machine. It's win 7 32-bit, 4 gig, GeForce 460. It's basically just plays emulated games. Temperatures are fine, games run fine just the occasional hard freeze that I can't figure out.

Event viewer doesn't list anything at the time of the crash.

Are there any programs I can run in the background that would help isolate the cause of the freeze?

Are there any programs I can use to run diagnosis on the computer to see if there are any issues like memory or something?

I'm at a loss and frustrated. I would really appreciate any assistance you can provide.

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  1. Can you start by listing your complete spec list, including make and model numbers (age of components also helps)?
  2. it maybe be temperature problem use this to tell us your temperatures
  3. I used a program I think it was Realtemp and monitored temp and it was totally normal. The crash doesn't seem to have a rhyme or reason when it happens. I played for a couple hours earlier and it finally froze up but other times it was within 10 minutes.
  4. post your mb and ram info. some older mb had issue with ram faster the 800 speed. intel p35 chipset for 775 mb. if you used 1066 ram you get random lock ups. hdtune and hard drive vendor tests tools for the drive. hardware info 32 bit for temp and voltages. one issue with gaming pc you have 4g of ram you may be running out of ram and it causing the issue. also run malware bytes and hitman pro make sure your system is clean. check that you have one anti virus loaded if it an old mcafee or nortons. try using one of the newer free ones that use less ram.
  5. Control panel, admin tools, event viewer. Windows logs, system. On the right-hand side, filter log. Choose critical, maybe also error, click OK.
  6. Event viewer shows nothing at the time of the lockup

    The system is

    Intel Core 2 quad cpu q9550 @ 2.83

    How do I find my motherboard and memory information?
  7. Is there a program I can run that will list all the details about my system, motherboard type and memory type etc?
  8. Phod said:
    Is there a program I can run that will list all the details about my system, motherboard type and memory type etc?

  9. Here are speccy details

    Os: win 7 ultimate 32 bit sp1

    Cpu: Intel core 2 quad q9550 @ 2.83

    Ram: 4 gig single channel ddr3 @ 666mhz (8-8-8-24)

    Motherboard: evga 132-ck-nf79 (socket 775)

    Graphics: 1024 mb GeForce GTx 460
    896 GeForce GTx 260
    Force ware version 258.56

    Storage: 298 gb western digital wdc wd32 00aajs-22l7a

    Is there anything in the CPU, memory or motherboard details you want reported? I could list it all out also but it's long. But I can report any of it that would help find the problem

    Btw this computer is running a pinball emulation cabinet hence the two video cards are for multiple monitors.
  10. Don't leave me everyone! I got specs!
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