HP USB printer always detects as Unknown Device

Im trying to install an HP printer to Windows 7 (x32) machine via USB. Even using the most current driver from HP whenever I plug in the cable it detects as Unknown Device.

I did try removing unknown device, rebooting, reinstalling and plugging the printer into a different USB port. I have tried forcing the printer to use a specific driver I choose using device manager, still doesn't work. The error I get is that the file I specified doesn't contain compatible software for my device.

The printer detects fine on other systems, with or without using the HP drivers.

Thank you kindly for your input.
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    may have damaged usb chipset hub drivers. if the mb is an intel chipset download the newest intel chipset drivers. if it and amd mb get the newest drivers from amd web page and reinstall them. may want to google damaged usb print spool see if your files are damaged.
  2. Good suggestion, unfortunately it didn't change anything. I used the dell and the intel drivers. I did try each usb port again, and the system does detect all other usb items correctly. sigh...
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