what will happen if i add a old hdd to my current pc?

hey guys! i am building a new pc. i have so much data on my old hdd. i am just goint to buy an ssd for my current system and install windows in it. what will happen if i install my old hdd after this into my pc? thanks in advance! you guys are the real thugs!
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  1. Reformat your old HDD to wipe everything from it. Everything should be ok but with a new pc/motherboard its highly recommended you wipe your old HDD before putting it into a new pc.
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    I have done it many times. It works fine, and you don't need to delete any of your old data.
    Build your new PC with just the SSD connected, get it running properly, then switch it off and connect the old HDD. Restart into BIOS, and make sure you are set to boot from the SSD
    Job done. You now have C:\ for your SSD and D:\ for your old HDD with all your data
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