Intel Core 2 quad q6600

I've had this cpu since 2010, but i never used it for gaming. But now i am making a gaming pc with these parts
-Intel Core 2 quad q6600
-8 gb of ddr3 1333 ram
-Some lga 775 motherboard I've had
-Asus strix gtx 960
-Cpu cooler is hyper 212 evo, pc part picker says it will work
I plan on running any modern game at 1080p at 40fps+ at medium to high settings
What should i change or is this good?
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  1. That is OLD CPU get better CPU
  2. You could probably get some decent results with a good overclock. It was known for it's excellent OC'ing. While it is older, you could probably run some modern games, just might have to turn down the settings that are CPU dependent. I have a Q9550 OC'd to 3.4-3.6ghz with 8gb DDR2 800 and a Radeon 6870 and can run Diablo 3 on medium setting and Starcraft 2 on mostly medium settings, no issues at all.
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    i run a q6600 with an r9-270 and 4 gb ram. it games pretty well for such and old cpu.

    with a gtx 960 it should have no problem reaching your goals. older games will do better even at higher settings.
  4. Overclock it to 3.6 - 4.0 GHz.
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