desktop freezes while playing game.

hey guys, provided two youtube links below... i have been using this desktop past 2 years, everything was fine until recently. i was playing cs:go and suddenly my pc got stuck, even alt+ctrl+del was not working. so i had to switch off from wall. then i restarted my pc and i start getting distorted screen while bootup. and when it reached to desktop i get black screen. what i noticed was my processor temp get pretty high 80 c +. while my gpu was stabled i believe. sorry for bad english.
gtx 780
asus maximus hero 6 mobo
bequite dark rock cooler
seasonic 750 watt psu

links: (skip to 1:08)
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  1. ok, i tried removing my gpu, and running system on intel's integrated graphics. everything is running fine now. so its my gpu then, i hope its not dead, just overheating problem or fanspeed issue . i'll clean my gpu and reply thermal paste. will see and update.
  2. these are temps after cleaning and re-applying thermal paste, .
    sometimes it starts fine. but still crashes when i start doing something heavy, like games or 3d rendering.
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    Is it still under warranty? If so then you could RMA it.
  4. GhislainG said:
    Is it still under warranty? If so then you could RMA it.

    thats what i did, its still in warranty, waiting for approval/response. the problem is shipping cost, because i imported the card from canada through a trader here in pakistan. but i'll see if any friend or relative of mine visiting US any soon.
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