Can this run Black Ops 2 on MAX?

Hello I am buying a new computer soon, and it contains a AMD Athlon x4 860k and a GTX 950, and I just wanted to make sure I could run Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on Maximum settings, and maybe Black Ops 3 on Lowest settings.

I plan to record using SHADOWPLAY, but I will most likely just record the gameplay from Theater mode, so, can I run Black Ops 2 with this processor and graphics card on max with 60fps?

I might also play CS:GO
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  1. Yes.
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    Concerning boII, you'll be fine. Without ranting, boIII is poorly optimised and runs poorly on a lot of systems. From personal experience, boIII runs on my i5 (4.2G) and 670 (1.25G) system at around 100 FPS 1080p with all settings set to minimum/disabled. It's less than my monitor's refresh rate, but a 950 may just cut it for 60 FPS.
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