for 3 24" asus monitors used in iracing rig 980, 390x, 980ti ?

so im stuck on which graphics card to get for my build the 980, the r9 390x, and the 980ti
the rest of the rig will have a i5-6500 skylake , and a gigabyte g1 gaming ga-h170

i know the 980ti can do with ease but is the 980ti a bit overkill for what im trying to achieve? costing more then all my monitors combined?
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    Depending on the resolution I'm betting you need at least a 980ti to drive three screens at any meaningful FPS.

    Why not get one of those giant samsung extreme widescreen ones? I think that combined with TrackIR would make a wonderful drivingsim-rig. You also get rid of the bezel annoyance.

    Something like this maybe:
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