Best offline Lan game ( first person shooter)

I like counter strike on lan ,but I wanna test other old and sweet games on lan with my friends.
games like Max payne ,wolfenstein are very good but can i play them under local network
or please give me suggestion .
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  1. cs 1.6, half life 1 :)
  2. Quake 3, Doom 3, old battlefields (many of them), half life, Unreal Tournament, all great titles.
  3. Quake 3 with the corkscrew mod.
  4. Don't forget Medal of Honor. Played that five or six hours a day for YEARS.
  5. Quake 2 Instagib....railgun goodness.
  6. Hmmm, does stalker count?
  7. Half Life 2 Death Match was a brilliant game for us to lan. It was so fun and to spice things up we spawned zombies in front of each other. Many hours of fun you can have with this game.
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