Please help, no solutions work...Windows will not start - BSoD - PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA

Please help,

Working on a laptop (Dell Latitude E6430 - Windows 7 - Intel Core i5) that always crashes to Stop Error (BSoD) when loading Windows. The error is identified as 'PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA' (screenshot attached)

As a preface, the BIOS on this Dell is extremely limited only showing one page with no useful options (screenshot attached) Any clues why this is?

No suggested fixes are working. We tried installing new RAM, which has been tried in both slots, but this did not work.

The Windows Startup Recovery, the System Restore option, the ‘Boot to last known good configuration’ option, all Safe Mode selections and even booting from a Windows 7 Repair disk all result in the BSoD. The Windows Memory Diagnostic finds no errors. I also ran 'chkdsk D: /f /r' in the command prompt, which took about two hours to complete, but it did not find any errors and booting up after resulted again in the BSoD.

If this is of interest, when booting in strict ‘Safe Mode’, as you know, the screen rapidly lists all the drivers being loaded. Every time it stalls on ‘Classpnp.sys’ (D:\Windows\System32\Drivers\) before the BSoD failure. From my research it appears this is a driver having to do with the hard drive, and some forums recommended changing the name in cmd to ‘Classpnp.old’ to avoid crashing. I did this and the driver list did indeed get by Classpnp but then stalled instead on ‘disk.sys’ before crashing. I did not want to mess with this driver name as well so did not pursue the ‘solution’ further. (Classpnp.old has been renamed back to Classpnp.sys) Other forums recommended tightening the hd cables or even removing and then reinserting the hd itself. All this has been attempted with the same BSoD result.

Any suggestions, please help?

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    This is most likely because of bad system memory or a memory issue within the board itself. You can attempt to start with a spare memory stick or taking one of them out to see if that remedies the issue. Or attempt a startup repair with a recovery disk. But I linked to the stop error you're having I provided to microsofts website. Good luck
  2. If you are sure the ram is fine, as you said you switched it out, it could be caused by a failing hard drive. In other words the pagefile/virtual ram is unreliable.

    Windows writes to any form of memory in blocks called pages, thus the name of this error.
  3. I'd try a different hdd. Have you tried to reload the OS from scratch wiping the drive in the process?

    The bios screen is kind of odd in that it doesn't show the HDD at all - again supporting the idea that the HDD is the issue. Maybe re-seating the HDD may help.
  4. Use windows memory test, to check for errors of the memory ram modules.

    If presented with errors replace the ram or memory module in the system.
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