Question about Power Supply for a GTX 980 ti

I'm looking to get an MSI GeForce GTX 980TI gaming 6G LE and currently have it paired with a EVGA SuperNOVA GS 220-GS-0650-V1 80 PLUS GOLD 650 W ECO Mode Fully Modular PSU.

The GPU says it requires 2x 8 pin power connectors and the PSU shows that it has 1 x 8-Pin (4+4) + 8-Pin PCIE connectors as well as 4x (6+2) pin (not listed as PCIE) connectors.

Does this mean that it actually has two 8 pin PCIE connectors and if not do the connectors not specifically labeled as PCIE work for a GPU in that slot?
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    The 6+2 pci-e connectors are the 8 pin pci-e connectors - its as simple as that.

    Do not use the 4+4, thats for CPU power.
  2. I just re-read the entire spec page for my PSU again and now I see where it says that it has 4x 6+2 pin PCIE connectors. Thank you for the quick response, it's been almost a decade now since I've put together a new PC and I'm just being a bit of a dolt :P.
  3. No problem. Good luck.

    Its much simpler these days than it used to be.
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