Difference between Intel 4th Generation Core i7 4720HQ and Intel 6th Generation Core i5 6200U processors

I have shortlisted two laptops.Hp Omen 15-5116tx and HP Pavilion ab523tx. The former comes with Intel Core i7 4720HQ variant while the later comes with Intel Core i5 6200U variant. I don't have much knowledge about these. So which one should I go for? Please mention the differences between both of them.
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    the first one has a Core i7 4720HQ, which is a quad core, hyperthreaded (effectively creating 8 threads), 2.6 base to 3.6 boost, haswell based proccessor. the second one has a core i5 6200U which is a dual core, hyper threaded, 2.3GHz base to 2.8GHz boost, skylake based proccessor. when looking at the proccessors, the first one is much better, but when buying a laptop, you should consider other things, like the screen, storage, KB+mousepad, ect.
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