Best DDR4 Ram for this High End build?

Here's the build:

What should I be aiming to do? I think 16gb will likely be plenty for this rig. Mostly going to be for gaming, some design work.

Should I just be getting the lowest CAS ram that is at least 2400? Would 2x8 be better than 4x4 or the other way around?
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  1. Maybe a couple of these?: (the 2x8 is out of stock, so if I just buy two 1x8, that's okay too, right?)
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    For 16GB with your 5820K go with a 4x4GB to utilize your quad channel potential, I'd look at the GSkill Ripjaws 4 or Trident Z in 2666 or 2800, (might consider 3000, but it can be iffy and often requires a CPU OC (as can 2800, etc - all depends on how strong the CPU's MC is ;)
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