windows updates (checking for updates are taking forever)

windows is checkinp for updates like forever
any solution ?
it happened to win 8.1 and win 7 sp1
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  1. Hello... their Website get busy on the weekends when people doing the same as you. Just stop it and do something else for a while, try again later at night... you can Auto set it for day-time in the Task scheduler.
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    I have found the same.
    And it is quite cpu intensive.
    It autostarted daily.
    I had it set to check for updates but let me pick when I wanted to install them.
    Windows(7) did not like me when I turned off auto updates.
    But, I am happier checking only when I am prepared to actually do updates.

    Not a plus for windows 10 that is going to check and install on THEIR schedule, not mine.
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