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I was hoping one of you gurus could tell me why the PSN and or PS4 has a bandwidth cap for file transfers. It seems like I have stumbled upon a huge issue that everyone is upset about. I have Fios at 75/75 and I get about half of that from PSN. I could understand if it was still free, but now we pay for it. And it's not good enough. Especially when they are pushing for digital game copies that are between 30-60 GIGABYTES in file size. Game updates are usually 5-9GB. This is not ok. Anyone know what the cap is and how it is determined and where the parameters are set at. Is it like a software limiter like bittorrent? Hopefully someone knows or can find out how to fix it. And I assure you the only bottlenecks in my home network are the speed my ISP sets, and the servers sending me the data. Thanks in advance!!
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    Sony doesn't have a CAP. it just goes at 3-4MB/s ALWAYS. Now Fios has a CAP and depending on what services you have it might be only 200GB.

    I used 100/100 connection at work and its just the same at home. It seems sony has a speed cap but not a data one.
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