Can only log in Win 8.1 on safe mode with Driver Signature Enforcement turned off.

Quite unexpectedly I got a blue screen when starting my PC with the error code 0x0000225 and that the file windows/system32/winload.efi is corrupt.

I've gone into repair using the Win 8.1 disc and tried bootrec/fixmbr/fixboot/rebuildbcd etc and that didn't solve it. I also tried renaming, backing it up and rebuilding a new one. The only thing that seemed potentially wrong was it found 0 windows installations when I know they're there.

I didn't expect Safe Mode to work either and it didn't except when I accidentally found that it would by using option 7 and disabling the driver signature enforcement. I'm using it now to write this.

Looking in event viewer I've got a lot of errors about my printer driver (a Brother MFC model). Trying to uninstall it using the Brother utility I got errors and was told to restart the computer. But obviously I can't get back in so I used Revo Uninstall to remove the printer altogether as well as unplugging it. That didn't solve it

The other event viewer problems are service control manager errors (7001) and thousands of DCOM errors regarding search service (I moved the index to another drive) and another DCOM about error 1084 attempting to start ShellHWdetection.

I don't know if all that's relevant but I can't can't quite understand why something like a bad driver signature should shut down the entire PC.

So here I am sat in safe mode and not quite sure what I'm looking for. Would Driver Verifier be the way forward. If so how would I use it to narrow down the culprit? Is it perhaps the permissions in the policies?

Any help would be gratefully received
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    I forgot to mention that an sfc /scannow does not find any integrity violations and a system restore to just before when the problems started didn't fix it. Think I'll try a system restore to an earlier point

    Edit: Found the problem was safeboot enabled in msconfig. I guess the full Windows was trying to log in using the limited drivers from safeboot and threw the error
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