A2 error after installing new motherboard

Yesterday I wanted to install a new eVGA 980 Ti Superclocked into my custom made PC.
After switching the GPUs the PC would boot fine, but the screen was dark. I assumed it was an issue with the GPU and put my old one back in, but the screen remained dark eventhough the boot process did work.
After I performed a CMOS reset the PC didn't boot up at all, I'm stuck at an A2 error code.
After some more playing around I thought that maybe the mobo was on the fritz and I got an X99-A to replace my X99-S. But I still get the same problems.
My system has been running without issues for half a year now and the only thing I inititially did was change the GPU without uninstalling the drivers first.
I have no idea what to do next. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I am no expert but I have read that PSUs can fail and pc still boot so I would try another PSU given that you have done everything you wrote correctly.
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