Can i run Dayz standalone at high settings with this pc?

AMD FX 8350
Nvidia GTX 550 Ti
8GB ram

These are my pc specs and i would like to know if i should buy the game or not. Cuz i would like to run it in atleast high settings. I heard it's a CPU dependent game. Hope you can help me a bit with this. Thanks in advance!
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    Short answer: No. Nobody can run DayZ standalone on high settings. I built my dad a computer with the absolute best money could buy, (newest i7 and a GTX Titan) and that beast of a machine still couldn't hit 60fps the whole time.

    I have a decent PC, not as good as my dad's, but still pretty good, and I almost never hit 60fps.

    But with a 550, you'll probably have trouble getting a playable fps.
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