Maximum "Safe Temperature" for i5-6600k (Overclocking question)

Sorry if I sound like an idiot, but I was just wondering. How hot should I let my i5 6600k run? I've been able to overclock to 4.5GHz without changing the voltage at all, and the highest temperature I've seen on any of my cores was 80C. Is that an okay temperature? All the forum threads I've read have had mixed answers. Thanks!
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    Here is a link to a thread that discusses Intel processor temps and how to test them.
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  2. From this article:

    I would agree 69-74c would be fine during heavy stress tests like aida, but not during gaming. I watched some YT videos and read some internet and ppl get like 55c max during gaming and 79 during heavy stress tests. I just hit 74c on one core during gaming(,but in other games never go above69).

    I will also add that my cpu fan runs at 900rpm which is like 50% of its max speed.
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