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1. I have attached devices(antennas) via PoE injector and then they are connected to Cisco switch. And whenever I have to access any device I have to unplugged the 'data in' cable of that particular device and then connect it to my laptop which is cumbersome.

So I would like to know Isnt it possible that if i connect a lan cable directly to Switch and then i can access the devices attached. If yes, how?

2. My Server room is little far away from my office and sometimes I want to access devices installed on my server i.e., antennas. Is it possible to access them remotely?

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    Since almost all devices use ip addresses to administer it likely is just a matter of configuring them to use ip addresses that are compatible with your current network. Now if they use some proprietary software to do configuration then its hard to say if it can be made to work
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