Need Advice on upgrading my Budget Gaming PC

First hello to everybody

like the title states i need advice/help/recommendations on upgrading my current PC.

I'm currently visiting the US for work reasons (i'm from Germany, sorry about my bad English)
Since the Laptop I brought with me from Germany is slowly dying i got an rather old PC from my work as a present.

My current Build is as followed

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit
CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 645
RAM: 14 GB
Motherboard: Foxconn 2AB1
Graphics: Gigabyte: Nvidia GeForce 730 2GB
Storage: Hitachi HDD 1TB Sata II

as you could expect the performance on Gaming is not that great.

My Problem is the following:
since i will be leaving to Germany at the end of this year and I'm not sure if i can take the PC back with me due to the Weight Limitations on my luggage on my flight i don't want to spend much money on parts i might not be able to take back with me.

I bought the Nvidia 730 a week ago on Amazon sadly the performance increase was not that big.

I'm not sure if the main reason is the GPU or the CPU

Checking the performance during gaming (Starcraft II and Start Wars Old Republic)
the CPU remains usually around 60-70% but the GPU stays in the high 90%

My big question is:

1. Should I buy a new MOBO with a new CPU
2. Just update the CPU
3. Return my GPU to Amazon and go for new one (I was looking at the GTX 750 TI OC, from PNY or MSI)

I do not need a high end PC because i usually play only relativly old games (Star Craft II, Star Wars: Old Republic, Arma III, maybe Skyrim) but i would like to play them on a high setting if possible.
so my budget is around 200$ for the upgrade for now maybe a little bit more but preferably less

I hope somebody can give me some advice since I'm not really sure what will be the best course of Action

Thank you already very much for your time and help and again sorry for my bad English
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  1. I think I would just add a GTX 750 Ti. It will give you much better gaming performance and won't require any other upgrades. You can take it back with you and use it in a new build if you can't take the old PC back. The rest of the system is so outdated that it's really not worth putting any money into.
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    Since you're just here for a short while, it's not really worth upgrading the mobo/cpu. Return that 730 and get something better. The GTX 750 TI OC looks like a good deal, but you can get a GTX 960 for not much more (~$150-$200), cheaper if you are willing to buy used off of ebay - something you should consider given that you won't be keeping this system long. You can probably even sell the card or the entire system before you leave to recoup on your costs.

    This might actually be the best deal for a 960. It comes in at $174.99+tax after rebate, which is at the high end of your budget, but it's a new card and comes with Rise of the tomb-raider. Basically, it's comes out at about the same price as that 750Ti + the game.
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