PC won't display on tv, and won't turn off unless unplugged, parts spinning loud and fast

My PC was working totally fine, then one day while I was playing a game on it, my TV's screen went blank and said "no signal." I tried to turn my computer off by hitting the power button, but it won't turn off that way. Even if I hold the button down, it won't go off. I had to unplug it. Now when I try to turn my PC on, the fan runs really loud and fast, it won't display on the TV, and I still can't turn it off normally. SOMETIMES it will work, but now its becoming more rare. I opened it up, cleaned out all the dust, and unplugged all the parts and plugged them back it. That worked before, but now its not working. What's wrong and how can I fix it? I built this computer less 5 months ago.

i tried unplugging my hard drive and plugged in a bootable usb with win10, turned it on, nothing. i opened my pc and can hear that the part going crazy is my gpu, its inner fan is spinning fast and loud. i tried unplugging it and plugging a monitor into the motherboard. still no.
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    try another psu for testing purposes with no drive cables connected & no cards installed except for 1 ram stick.
  2. thanks, but i actually just figured out the solution for me. to anyone else who has this problem and finds this thread: all i had to do was pull out one of my sticks of ram and i got it to start up normally. ill test some more later, see if its that stick or a problem with using 2 sticks or whatever. but for now its working, and thats good enough for me.
  3. no problem. switch sticks then try 1 slot at a time with each stick to see if ram or slot is the problem.
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