Freezes at splash screen, HDD partition overlapping, stuck in infinite restart loop.

My laptop was fine before night and I was using it on battery backup and my battery ran low forcing me to shut the laptop pressing the power button.
The next morning when I tried to open my laptop it started restarting after showing logo screen and a bar at the top.
After that i tried to fix the error using forums' tuts and all which led me to use a linux mint live usb and tried to run a chkdsk using command which looked something like this,
ntfs-3g /dev/sda (or similar)
Then when I started my pc it says something like no device to boot from or something.
When I used ultimate boot cd and checked for HDD or did something which I clearly don't know I came to know that HDD partitions have overlapped.
Finally when I used UBCD for many time and did something like recovering MBR or something then my computer give an error 0xc0000225.
Again I did something with MBR with UBCD and now my laptop won't pass the logo screen. Now when I click F2 or F12 it just write opening boot menu but does nothing!.
Plz me!..My father's gonna kill me if he came to know about it.
Plzz guyssssss help!!
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  1. Quote:
    Status: 0xc0000225

    Below the “Status” code line, you’ll probably have “An unexpected error has occurred” as the “Info”. However, it’s possible that the Info line to be “Boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible.”

    Here are some fixes that might work:
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    From reading what you did, get a Windows disk, a new hard drive, and install Windows on that. Connect your existing hard drive to the computer as a secondary drive and copy the files from it, although with all the "somethings" you did with various utilities, it's impossible to know at this point if there is any data on the drive to get at all.

    Not having exact details of what you did is not good. Having things like "something like this" or "I did something with MBR" etc... will not help anyone try to fix things, need to know exactly what you did. I'd say by now you have deleted at least the boot record of the drive, and possibly the partitions as well and would need to run a file recovery utility to get any data off the drive once you get the computer running on a new hard drive.
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