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Hi Guys,

i have searched for hours for a resolution to this issue to no avail.

i have an external 500gb external hard drive, i wanted to connect it to my Xbox one to allow me to install more games, it had other things already on it, so i moved everything onto my laptop (which in itself was a difficult task) to do this i had enabled cache writing (or something like that) and formatted the hard drive. Let it format (quick format) it loaded up so i removed the drive. not realising that i had not switched back to quick remove.

so now my laptop (and my work laptop) will not recognise the drive.

the drive is visible in the device manager, great, when i load up disk manager issues arise, the disk manager will just not load at all, first time i left the laptop 20 mins and still would not load up. as soon as i unplug the dirve the disk manager instantly finishes, this is exactly the same as diskpart chkdsk and all other things i have tried, eventually diskpart showed the storage in drive J with the format RAW and not NTFS and i cant format at all, help please?
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  1. Did you connect the External HDD to the Xbox One after formatting it on your PC? If you did, then maybe the Xbox One rendered the file system on the hard drive to the one needed to use the hdd on the xbox one (considering that it went from ntfs to raw) If you haven't connected the hdd to the xbox one yet, see if the xbox one recognizes it. if it does, then the hard drive is most likely good, I don't know if this info could help you, but I guess it's better than nothing
  2. So massive update, after discovering it was stuck in the RAW format i tried all types of RAW recovery tools, but none where successful, i then went for a low level hdd formatter and still nothing.

    i had almost lost hope....

    until i used an application called HPUSBDisk... Yep the HP disk formatter... it recovered the drive, reformatted to NTFS and it is now plugged into my xbox working well.
  3. Does it work on your pc like normal now?
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