adata sp550 ssd unusually hot

My ssd is running unusually hot recently, around 45 - 55c, under small use while sitting directly in front of a 120mm fan. I haven't found a way to solve this yet, ideas?

ambient temp is only 65f (18.333c)

and yes i mean ssd, not hdd
i don't think Ive ever seen an ssd generate heat like this before, i'm stumped
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    During data write operations, most SSD controllers can peak out around 105 C. Running at that temp is actually quite fine. Also, the SP550 doesn't have much of a heatsink as the casing is plastic I believe.
  2. thanks for the reply
    im probably going to buy this

    just to reduce the temps a little
  3. That's more designed for mechanical HDD's as they tend to put out a lot more heat. You can try it, but I doubt it'll change the temps.
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