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Hi, yes I been thinking about purchasing Modern Warfare 2 on Steam, i know this game came out in 2009, which makes it a seven year old game. So i was wondering before i spend my money, are any of you guys aware of if anyone still plays the game and if you know of the actual population entirely, would be greatly appreciate it, if not i highly understand.

Thanks in advance
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    Pretty much dead already. Not really worth spending your money mate. If you want to play a living FPS, you have to buy the newest CoD series because only the last 2 releases have players pretty much nowadays or your other option would be BF4. Best would probably be CSGO if you want to play the most competitive FPS.
  2. nah not worth it
    Either CS GO or battle field 4 is the way to go
  3. Hi guys, thanks for getting back to me, actually i have all the battlefield games except hardline, i have all the CS games on steam.
    I keep forgetting that i have Modern Warfare 1, i may just play that instead... thanks for all your help guys. glad i didnt make the mistake of
    ordering the game!! so many times i've regretted it.
  4. No problems.
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