External HDD causes BSOD


Here's how it happened.

My laptop was in sleep mode while I unplugged my External. When I re-opened my laptop and plugged in my External it seem to be stuck and not reading the new files meaning it didn't disconnect right (which is an oops on my part).

Anywho, I tried to disconnect using safe removal eject but it wouldn't so I got into "Devices & Printers" and disconnected the drive, My laptop froze and voila Blue Screen of Death.

Now when I plug in my external to the laptop or any PC or laptop it causes a BSOD.

Any thoughts on how to fix or at least recover my Data?

Things I have tried.
- Restoring OS to a previous Date
- Hirens
- Easeus Partition Master (Drive not detected)
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  1. seems ur hdd has corrupted system files...or it could be something else installed in ur system, usually drivers that are conflicting and is triggering that effect...

    this is one of the best softwares out there...
    but you need to get hold of the full version via torrent...

    this is a step by step instruction...

    the method you should be looking for is..."How to recover deleted or lost partition?"....
    it is towards the middle of the instruction page...


    once you have recovered the a full format of the drive...
    even this software is useful...u can try this for fixing d hdd...
    but again u wud be needing d full version...


    boot on a windows image and run all 4 of the bootrec.exe commands
    (see link)
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    Hi there jovia84,

    What happens when you attach the drive to a system with OS different from Win?
    You can boot up Ubuntu and see if you will be able to access the drive. In case you can do that, just back up the data and reformat it:

    After that, you can test the drive with a tool that can provide a SMART report:

    Hope this will help,
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