HELP! Serious Performance Issues

I'm only 15 so I don"t have a job and I convinced my parents to buy me an R9 390 for my birthday, but it has some serious performance issues. I previously had an XFX 5750 and it performed great for an old card, such as maxing out modded skyrim at 40 fps, but when I popped in the 390 it was the same and sometimes even worse. However, in games like Withcer 3 and Dishonored it runs great at 50 fps and 130+ respectively. In GTA V it runs at 25 fps at medium high, in Tomb Raider it runs at 40 maxed out, and in the original Crysis it runs 50 maxed. I'm baffled by these results and have searched the internet for answers. Some say the cpu is to blame, but I am skeptical because of the huge and dramatic swings in fps especially when compared to online results. I believe that the psu is to blame because it recommends 750W and I have 725w, so I believe it's being under powered. Also some people say that Windows 10 has bad drivers for newer Radeon Cards. If you have an answer please post it

R9 390
16 GB 1600MHz Ram
FX-8350 @ stock GHz
Gigabyte FXA990-ud3 MOBO
725w bronze PSU
Windows 10
2 3tb HDD Raid 1
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  1. Also I would like to point out that buying a new Intel CPU and MOBO will cost all the money I personally have. That was why I mentioned I have no job becuase all of my money is from years of saving up birthday money
  2. on your amd rig make sure the mb has the newest bios file to rule out a bios bug. also install the newest chipset drivers for mb.
  3. If there is a problem here it probably isn't the power supply being insufficient. 725W is plenty. Make sure, (you probably do), have the latest Catalyst Control Center. The processor is probably O.K. Maybe you have a weak card due to the luck of the draw. All computers are different.
  4. in the bios and in amd driver software for the video card make sure it set to one monitor output and power savings is off. use msi afterburner make sure the gpu fans are spining up when the heat load goes up on the gpu if not the gpu going to slow down as the hotter it gets.
  5. I've tried all these solutions in the past and even now. Do you think it's just the cpu that's bottle-necking?
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