Need Help Selecting Router to service two smart tvs and PC. First time internet subscriber, but have done some research.

My house has never been connected to the internet before. We just got connected via Charter at 60mbps speed. I now need a router. I've been researching, but there is SO MUCH info out there my head hurts!

What I know:
1) Our Samsung (UN55JS7000FXZA) smart tv supports 802.11ac but there is no searchable info on what class of ac it supports (AC1200, AC1900, ect...). It's about 45' from where the router will be and has some walls in the way but none completely blocking the signal (you can walk from the router to the tv indirectly by meandering left and right a few feet but can't walk straight to it).

2) I'll be purchasing another smart tv (quite possibly the same one) that will be mounted right where the service comes into the house so right on top of the modem and router.

3)My home built PC is also about 45' away but has two or three walls completely blocking the direct path to the router. Its wireless card adapter is 802.11n and has a 2.4GHz antenna and a 5/2.4GHz antenna. I do understand the difference between 2.4 and 5 due to my research.

4) I have neighors only on each side of the house (none in front or back), and I've been using (with permission) their wifi for years. One side of the house (barely) gets the neighbor's on that sides signal, and the other side (the smart tv) decently gets the other neighbors signal. I have no idea whether their signal is 2.4 or 5GHz but I'm assuming 2.4.

5) I think my research tells me 802.11ac operates only at 5GHz whilte 802.11n operates at 2.4 and 5 GHz.

6) I think I understand that these new routers that claim to determine where your connections are in the house and then beam signal directly at them are only functional if your device has a chip or something in it that can communicate with this feature of the router.

1) How much weight should I place on the class of wifi protocol (AC1600/1750/1900)?
2) I can't find any info on whether my tvs and PC would be able to communicate with direct signal beaming technology (I'm assuming for now they cannot). Can aftermarket hardware rectify this? Should I categorically dismiss routers with this technology?
3) Is 802.11ac the no brainer router to get considering it only trasmits at 5GHz? How much distance and wall can 5GHz deal with anyway? 2.4GHz traffic might be light around my property because I only have two neighbors, but I don't know.
4) Is it time to upgrade my PC wireless adapter to 802.11ac?
5) If the smart tv I'm buying soon sits right next to the router, do I simply wire it or use the wireless?

I think that's all, but if there is info I should be considering that I haven't asked about, please advise! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge! :)
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    An 802.11ac router is a superset of an 802.11n router. An AC router is a dual band router. You will have to test to see if 5Ghz will work. There is no way to predict.
  2. If you already have Wireless N card in your PC than I would go with a Dual Band Wireless N router since 60 Mbps isn't fast enough to require anything faster, hell you really don't even need Dual Band. Than I would look at installing DD-WRT firmware ESPECIALLY if the router has WPS as it is very easy to hack some of these routers. DD-WRT will give you options only found in more expensive routers.
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