GTX 770 2Gb or GTX 680 4GB

Title is self explanatory.

Pure performance wise.
Don't take into account cost

Thanks in advance
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  1. 770 is just a tiny bit faster than GTX 680

    but since you get GTX 680 4GB vram I'd take 680 instead, games today like GTA V demand more than 2 gb vram hence why I'd go for GTX 680 instead!
  2. Definitely the gtx 680. After all they are on the same level, yet that double vram is quite a thing. Hopefully you have considered the PSU you will require.
  3. Why do you say that @Gingerbread ?
  4. Lol the 680 and 770 are the same card. The 770 is a rebranded 680 thats just clocked higher. The 6804gb if a good asking price would be the better choice probably. You can always overclock it. Honestly though dont buy either. A 960 or 970 would be a better buy for the same price or maybe a little extra. A 960 can be had for under $200
  5. Bruno_Tech said:
    Why do you say that @Gingerbread ?

    As long as you have a decent 600 watt PSU you'll be fine.

    GTX 680 @ Full load - 195 watts
    GTX 770 @ Full load - 230 watts
  6. How is the 960 better than the 770?
  7. Bruno_Tech said:
    How is the 960 better than the 770?

    It isn't; 970 > 770 > 960

    They are close in performance tho, same like 770 and 680
  8. I thought so
  9. Best answer
    The 960 run actual newer tech than the rebranded 680 (770). Uses less power while performing the same or better.
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