Rj45 to rj11 router connection

I have an ISP which provides its connection via an rj45 cable. I have one rj45 WiFi router to which it is connected. I recently bought a new adsl cum WiFi router which has an rj11 input. Is it possible to connect the two devices in such a way that I'll be able to use the wireless network of the newer rj11 router cum modem?
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    What make and models are the routers?

    If both routers have LAN ports you may be able to do something like this:

    ISP > ---------RJ45/ethernet cable --------> [WAN port] old Wifi router [LAN port] >------- RJ45/ethernet cable --------> [LAN port] new Wifi router.

    Knowing more about the routers will help but add some explanation regarding the desired connections between the devices.

    Wireless may be a option as well.

    The devices will all need to be appropriately configured to make your network work.
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