[Solved] PartMgr and Parallel port device yellow marked


investigating my device manager content for occasional unrecognized P&P USB external HD, I found that PartMgr and Paralel port driver device under the non Plug-and-Play Driver branch (show hidden devices) had the yellow exclamation mark ! I tried to reinstall the driver for PartMgr and did a sfc /scannow to no avail :(

Does somebody see another solution ? :??:

Thanks in advance for your insights !

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    It's not unusual to see several such entries in that branch.

    partmgr can be safely ignored. Do NOT delete or disable it. Updating your chipset drivers may or may not clear the exclamation on the device. However, if everything is working just leave it alone.

    Do you have a parallel port on your system? If not, ignore that driver. However, as before, do NOT delete or disable it.

    You really shouldn't be playing around in the non Plug and Play branch of the registry unless you are 100% certain of what you are looking at. If you mess up there you can brick your system to the point that a clean reinstall is necessary. The basic rule is "If you don't know enough about it to be able to teach someone else then you have no business touching it."
  2. Hi ex_bubblehead,

    Thanks for your experience and good advice (wisdom); it is greatly appreciated. The only casual anoyments I have is when USB keys or HD don't want to be connected or disconnected right away so, I figured that something was flawed in the P&P section of the device manager but for now, everything looks fine...

    Like they say, "if it ain't broke" etc... But fine tuning is always in order... I'm not a newbe in the business but... I'm still always learning.


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