Need advice on which brand to purchase for a GTX 980 TI

Hello, I'm looking to upgrade to a gtx 980 ti from my ZOTAC 970 cause I'm not sure if it's the card problem when I'm playing games. When I play tomb raider at maxed out settings and theres alot going on, it starts to get choppy and laggy. Can someone tell me if I get the 980 TI, will this solve my problem? If it does, which brand should I get? Please don't bash me when I say money isn't an issue because I meant only around $100-200 more than a regular 980 TI is worth so please give me your best opinions.

My build:
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  1. i would say the gigabyte extreme waterforce 980ti
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    Get a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 980Ti G1. It's one of the best for OCing and it has one of the best cooling systems. I would say you to go for it. :D,1.html

    Comparison(this is the latest review with all GTX 980Ti's compared):,1.html
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