Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller issue

I recently got a ethernet cable because my wireless has been lacking as of late. As soon as I pluggled in the the cable, i had internet and at a much better speed. However after a few days ago, it started dropping the connection, picking it up then dropping it till it connected and said no internet access. I troubleshot it and then it just said to plug in a ethernet cord.

Is This just a case of my ethernet cord going bad? It is just a generic one from walmart. Also to get it to my PC, I have to bring it accross the hallway, I have put a small rug over it so it isnt stepped on. My brother does the same thing to his ps4 and his is fine. Did I just get a bad cable? or is there more to it.
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    To find out if it's a bad cable, try another one. Then you can look at other things like the router port or the port on the computer.
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