Boot Loop Before BIOS Screen Asus

I have intel core 2 duo E7500 installed on Asus P5QPL/AM boar with 2 GB RAM
now the PC wont turn on all the time.
If I press my power button , the SMPS fan runs , CPU fan runs but It wont shows to BIOS logo screen

The power LED is on but HDD led is not blinking
at this time, the reset button wont works.

If I disconnects the power cord from SMPS and reconnects and have tries 2 or 3 times , the HDD led wil blink 2 or 3 times and the system boots up properly and I can use it without any issue untill next shut down.

once I shut down/reset my system the same problem I need to face on next boot up?

Help me to solve this issue
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  1. Might want to bench it and troubleshoot, have a guide that may help here:
  2. I do check all those. The system is not even detecting keyboard/mouse . and now even able to reset. but it boots sometimes when I tries reconnecting power cord. once POST message appears, everything goes fine until next shutdown. but not possible to boot again
  3. It's out of the case?
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