Best mobo CPU and RAM combo under INR 10000

Best mobo CPU and RAM combo under INR 10000 for normal use and occasional gaming on medium or low settings.
Ok Guys, I know I am asking too much as gaming is concerned but I don't want to play latest games . I have played San Andreas, Halo, IGI, NFS Most wanted, Call of Duty etc on my 12 years old AMD BE 2300 system.
So pls suggest something which is best within my budget and able to run games newer than mentioned above.
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  1. u r asking for god...
    search for old assembled pcs...
  2. Best answer
    Get an Asus H 81 series about 3.5k and a pentium g 3258 around 4.5k along with the an 8gb Ram around 2.3k
  3. youre asking too much
  4. Make it 20k. i3 6100+H110 mobo+8gb DDR4 ram.
  5. How about the AMD APU'S ?? Are they good for low budget gaming ?
  6. yes they are, but for very basic games...
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