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d430 is a piece of shit 1.2ghz oww does anyone know how to overclock pll is slg84450bv i cant seem to overclock it not through setfsb or cpufsb or clock gen and i know it heats up so dont warn me about has a u7600 processor 2gb ram gma 950 and it also sucks but works for know but tell me how to overclco it it has been a challenge for every one
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  1. if you want to overclock, the safest method is through the bios. now, intel does not support overclocking for this processor, but if you truly want to, then try using this and this
    i heard that by reducing the CPU voltages, it will reduce power consumption and allow your cpu to remain in Turbo Boost for a longer period of time.
    however, that is not a very powerful cpu, so what little overclock that you might achieve is going to give negligible difference in performance anyway.
    i suggest you buy a new laptop, with a much more powerful cpu.

    also, please mind your language
  2. OVERCLOCKING LAPTOP IS A BAD IDEA! Laptops are not built for overclocking.Mainly because It whould melt the casing off and cause 1-2 degee burns on your lap if you put it on your lap.That's why most laptop companies disable overclocking of CPU and GPU.Just get a new one, don't overclock.
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    Oddly enough, with a D430 you can upgrade the cpu used in it.

    It`s just a case of working out what the maximum speed memory the laptop will take.
    From that you find out what cpu socket the laptop uses and the exact chip set used on the laptop.

    Then you look up what range of Intel core 2 Duo chips will fit the cpu socket the laptop has and the clock frequency of them.
    Plus the maximum bus speed the cpu works at.

    Example 533Mhz 666Mhz, or 800Mhz.

    As long as you find one that fits the socket of the laptop with the same FSB speed as the maximum memory speed it should work.
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