PC doesn't boot unless I reseat RAM

As the title says, my PC boots up with a Post message (1 long, 2 short), and only boots up normally if I take out the 2 RAM sticks and put them back in. I had another stick but it doesn't seem functional after I installed a new processor (i5-750). I had a pre-built Fujitsu Esprimo P1510, and 6 GB of RAM (3 sticks, 2 GB each).

After I upgraded the processor I only got 4 GB of RAM, and after switching case I now have to reseat the RAM so the PC will boot. I also somehow managed to bend some socket pins, but I straightened those out (otherwise it probably wouldn't boot at all!) Could it be the mobo or the RAM?

Edit: Forgot to add that when I go into Sleep mode, the PC boots up but just with a black screen.
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  1. Anyone knows the problem?
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